Cutback Bitumen

Bitumen is "cutback" by adding controlled amounts of petroleum distillates, such as kerosene. Type and quality of Cutback depends on type and amount of solvent in the pure bitumen. The more solvent in Cutback bitumen, leads to the more viscosity in bitumen. Cutback bitumen is used when there is limited access to heating equipment, bitumen decomposition in high temperature, bitumen cooling throughout working, workers safety, fire and time consuming. This type of bitumen is used in road operations for surfacing and pavement. Medium-Curing (MC) bitumen is achieved from solving pure bitumen into kerosene. In Britain and most European countries, new standards about bitumen cutbacks have not been renewed while this country is a leading producer and consumer of cutbacks. The reason for non-renewal of standards for cutbacks in England is environmental concerns and growing oil prices which have raised the price of kerosene and gasoline. Meantime, a new generation of environment-friendly emulsions is emerging. In Iran, bitumen emulsions have not yet become common, but MC250 is widely produced. Cutback bitumen is classified based on viscosity grade. It is divided into three categories :


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