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About Us

Focusing on the streamlined administrative red tape, optimization of the administrative system and recreation of a competitive atmosphere, more economic and social effectiveness, equilibrium between government and other economic sectors in the third and fourth five-year economic development plans convinced the government to approve the cession of bitumen production plants.

Our Mission
Supplying and trading bitumen and relevant products, offering knowledge solutions for the bitumen industry and management of effective factors in the industrial value chain along with value creation for stakeholders.

Core Values :

  • Health
  • Reliability for stakeholders and customers
  • Empowerment of staff
  • Society and the environment
  • Constructive interaction with rivals

Research & Development Unit
The Research and Development (R&D) unit of KB OIL DMCC was launched in order to centralizing research activities and directing them towards production, better accountability to customers' needs, diversity in products in compliance with international standards, reducing environmental pollution, more communications and interaction with research institutes and universities and management and improvement of science and technology with well-experienced staffs in 2006. This unit incorporates fully equipped labs to conduct tests on penetration grade bitumen (measuring penetration, softening point, breaking point, elasticity, viscosity, density, flash point, solvability, and insulation), cutback bitumen (distillation), emulsion (measuring emulsion of bitumen, stability tests), polymer modified bitumen (polymer pilot, stability tests, reversibility) and tests for measuring RV, RTFO, BBR, PAV and DSR. The main standards used in this unit are ASTM and EN. Efforts have been made to apply national standards in order to satisfy domestic clients, too. But since national standards have not been defined completely for many new products, a comprehensive method complying with international standards has been defined. As for the products in which international standards fail to satisfy domestic clients, the views of clients have largely been taken into consideration and the necessary tests have been conducted.

Our Objectives

  • Developing proper and economical methods for improving the quality of bitumen
  • Increasing bitumen production
  • Diversifying bitumen production
  • Finding alternative to vacuum bottom (V B) in bitumen production
  • Diversity and safety in bitumen packaging
  • Production of polymer modified bitumen and bitumen emulsion
  • Climatic zoning of the country for producing appropriate bitumen
  • Conducting fundamental research to increase bitumen production knowhow through Nano-composites

A variety of projects have already been launched by the R&D unit of KB OIL DMCC. In some projects, Sharif University of Technology, Amir-Kabir University of Technology, and Petrochemical Institute (IPPI) have been involved. The R&D unit has also paid special attention to human resources. It has regularly held training courses for its staff in order to boost their knowledge.

Health, Safety & Environment
Attention to "sustainable development", safe and healthy workplace, environment-friendly products and services as well as daily-growing development of high-risk activities and technological developments have thrown health, safety, and environment (HSE) standards into bold relief.

KB OIL DMCC HSE based on the following calendar :

  • Installing Environment Management System (ISO 14001:2004) professional health and safety management system (OH SAS 18001 :2007)
  • Installing HSE-MS management system
  • Investment in the production of environment- friendly products such as Emulsion Bitumen and Bitubag (Participating in Green Industry Assessing Process in;
  • Environment Organization in 2009 and achieving the title of "environment- friendly industrial unit"

Quality Control

  • The quality is a concept beyond the Standard to KB OIL DMCC. KB OIL DMCC believes that its bitumen is a key quality indicator that is reliable and can be used for evaluation and comparison to other producers' products and the test results can be easily meet all the international standards in most of the requested categories.
  • In order to ensure the customers with the quality of the delivered products in accordance with quality standards agreed with customers, quality improvement approach in the organization, spreading the culture of quality, expanding the scope of the laboratory services domestically and internationally and then KB OIL DMCC. has established based on complying with the customers' requirements depended on the knowledge, experience and knowhow.

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